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IOL Options

What is an Intraocular Lens?

In intraocular lens (IOL) is a lens implanted to replace the cloudy lens that is removed during surgery. There are several options to consider with Dr. Thomas before your cataract surgery. Dependent on your lifestyle and visual expectations, our team will work with you to determine the best lens for you.

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Monofocal IOLs

Monofocal lenses are considered the traditional lens choice. This lens offers correction of vision at once distance. Most will select correction of far distance since many have become used to needing reading glasses for close range viewing. Those with astigmatism may still need to wear glasses after cataract surgery due to the irregular shape of the cornea still causing some blurred vision. This lens is the least expensive and is covered by Medicare and other insurances.

Toric IOLS

A toric IOL is generally selected to correct astigmatism during cataract surgery. This the of lens is generally used for higher levels of astigmatism. With this lens, those with astigmatism will enjoy reduced or no dependence on glasses after cataract surgery for far distances, however may still be dependent on reading glasses for near vision. This lens is generally partially covered by Medicare and other insurances, our office will help determine your coverage.

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Dr. Thomas uses Alcon TORIC lenses. Click here to learn more.

Multifocal IOLs

For those interested in reducing or even eliminating their dependence on glasses after cataract surgery completely, multifocal lenses may be the best option. This lens, which replaces the natural lens of your eye after cataract surgery, is designed to correct vision near, far and in-between! There are several popular lens options to select from, however each has its own benefits and limitations. The correct lens should always be selected by an experienced cataract surgeon. Dependent on your medical and lifestyle needs Dr. Thomas will review all your options to assist you in making a well informed decision. Multifocal lenses are not covered by medical insurance, however the cataract surgery it self is.

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Dr. Thomas Uses Alcon ReSTOR Lenses. Click here to learn more.

Extended Depth of Focus IOLs

TECNIS® Symfony IOL is the first presbyopia-correcting extended depth of focus IOL. It delivers a continuous full range of high quality vision with reduced incidence of halos and glare compared to a multifocal IOL.  This IOL is implanted into the eye during cataract surgery.

The Symfony lens is approved in more than 50 countries around the world, and has been widely studied, with data from numerous clinical studies involving over 2,000 eyes. In clinical studies, the Symfony lens:

  • Provided seamless, day-to-night vision. Patients could see objects sharply and clearly at near, intermediate and far away distances, and points in between.
  • Provided high-quality vision. Some IOLs may leave patients with an inability to focus clearly due to competing wavelengths of light passing through the lens at different angles (known as chromatic aberration), or with vision that is not completely focused because of the shape of the lens (known as spherical aberration). The Symfony lens has been engineered to correct these issues.
  • Demonstrated a low incidence of halo and glare, which may be perceived as rings or blurring around bright lights. Glare and halo can sometimes affect an individual’s ability to drive at night or to perform other visual tasks.

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Dr. Thomas uses the Symfony Lens by Johnson & Johnson.  Click here to learn more.