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SMILE Testimonial with Joshua G.

One of our patients discusses his experience with getting SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) and the struggles with wearing contacts and glasses, especially foggy glasses due to wearing face masks to protect against and limit the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

“My name is Joshua, I’m an operations analyst for a construction company here in Houston.”

What were your struggles before getting SMILE and how has getting SMILE made an impact on your life?

“I was a bad contacts user that I would leave my contacts in and don’t tell my previous doctor this, for a month without taking it out, and then when COVID (coronavirus) hit, all the optometrists closed down. I ran out of contacts. I don’t wear glasses and glasses with masks just don’t work and so finally I was just like it’s time to get LASIK or SMILE.

It’s actually very unfair, I relate it a lot to going to the gym. It’s like you walk in on day one prior to getting SMILE and you’re like you’ve never been to the gym ever in your life. And then as soon as you get SMILE, like two days later, you’re seeing 20/20! It’s like my eyes didn’t earn this, it’s been a wonderful experience.”

What was your favorite part of your SMILE experience?

“I’ve had personal interactions with all the staff here and they have been very responsive and everything that I’m doing. On top of that, the payment has been super easy. I paid one time and they haven’t wanted me to pay again every single time I come into the office. It’s very upfront whenever they tell me a price, there’s no back-end pricing. A lot of times whenever you visit a doctor, here’s the price and then you have to pay every time you see them whereas here, it was one time. You know the exact price and I’ve been to six visits now and not paid since. That’s been the fantastic experience outside of the surgery which is also great.”

Why recommend SMILE with JustusVision to your friend?

“Getting SMILE or LASIK surgery at this office is kind of unfair, I feel like I’m cheating the system. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in fourth grade and then contacts when I turned 16, started driving. I’ve been dealing with them every single day contacts and glasses my entire life and then on a whim, I decide on a Monday that I want to get LASIK. A week and a half later, I’m getting SMILE surgery which is even more advanced surgery, and two weeks after that, I see 20/15 which is better than 20/20. It doesn’t feel fair. I feel like I’m cheating but it has been the greatest experience. A lot of people would ask me if people that have had LASIK say it’s the best experience. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. They would ask me if I would do it again. There’s not a hesitation that I would have about coming in and doing it even though the video of the surgery was gruesome, haha.”


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